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  • If we are going to succeed in this industry, we must be the best in this industry. If we are not providing a 9 or 10 level of service, then we either subcontract that portion of work, or we don’t do it. We are all honest, ethical, hardworking people providing our client the best level of service – period.

  • In a situation where we would marry our new work to existing poor quality work – we don’t. Instead, we fix the poor workmanship – we don’t bury future problems for the Owner behind our new work.

  • We spend quality time to set up estimates, project schedules, material take-offs, equipment, subcontractor and vendor scheduling, and deliveries. It is necessary to notify the office of all purchases or contracts immediately, this better enables the office forecast and manage cash flow.

  • We finish strong on all of our projects. When a project is complete, the following checklist is done:

    • Building Department has final sign off of building permit.

    • All Special Inspections are completed, and recorded.

    • Client is satisfied with our work.

    • Project summary sheets are filled out.

    • Closeout Package is delivered to client.

    • Accounting is complete, and final payment received.

    • County Notice of Completion filed.

    • Profitability is achieved.

    • Starting strong will help us finish strong

  • We use simple, code compliant designs to build new, or repair existing structures. Our design and work goals are to produce economical, long-term, effective designs. Field personnel are encouraged to speak up and give their input on design, in order to incorporate field perspective.

  • We will set up proper Lead personnel so all work is properly overseen. When you don’t know something, ask someone to help you. If you are asked to help someone, or see someone in need, offer assistance. Teamwork – it’s the right thing to do.

  • We meet our clients at their level of need when setting up and performing projects. However, we do not allow clients to abuse our personnel, or financial situation.

  • We continuously improve our people, processes and systems, by 1) offering continuous training opportunities for all employees, 2) giving access to better tools and equipment, 3) improving systems and software upgrades, and 4) providing consistent leadership and management.

  • We believe in our people: employees, subcontractors, consultants and vendors. We search out the best people, and filter out any that do not meet our commitment to excellence.

  • We allow grace in our decision making with clients and employees. This is a two way street; in return we expect everyone to contribute to the project and effort. We respect other people, and follow the golden rule: “Treat others as you want to be treated”. We do not mess with the following:

    • Spouse/significant other and family

    • Other people’s money and assets

    • Time and life – be as least intrusive and polite to others while being efficient and effective in your work.

  • We will win; we will be the best in this industry – starting with you, every day. Never give up or give in. When it’s too hot in the kitchen for others, it’s just right for us.

Core Values

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