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Polyurethane Concrete Lift

MG Constructors and Engineers Inc. proudly offers Concrete Lift for both commercial and residential, a cost-effective alternative to concrete grading or replacement. If you have uneven sidewalks, driveway or patios, let us show you how our polyurethane concrete lifting can solve your problems for less than half the cost of pouring new concrete.

Concrete Lift is a method of polyurethane concrete lifting that is similar to traditional 'slab jacking' or 'mudjacking'. A few small injection holes are strategically drilled into the existing concrete slab, and a lightweight foam material is injected underneath to level the overall surface.

Why Choose Concrete Lift?

  • Safety
    The safety of family, friends, and visitors should be of utmost importance to any homeowner. Don't risk a guest tripping on steps in poor shape or a child tumbling off a bike in the driveway because of uneven joints in the concrete; get these repaired before it's too late.

  • Liability
    Why increase your risk of a costly trip-and-fall lawsuit due to an uneven sidewalk hazard or broken front step? A concrete repair contractor charges far less than a lawyer!

  • Appearance
    The first impression of a sharp looking driveway, clean even steps, or an overlaid porch can really give your home that well-maintained look.

  • Property Value
    Repairing a crumbling step or sealing a cracked driveway can help maintain the overall investment value of your home. Research shows that when selling a home, well-maintained properties have a higher resale value. In real estate transactions, the seller typically receives a high return of investment from maintenance and repairs.

  • Building Codes
    Did you know that step height is one of the most common ways homes violate building codes? It's common for front steps to sink, causing the steps of a porch to be out of code. A simple repair through concrete raising can remedy this condition.

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