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Our Concrete Lift system utilizes a high-strength polyurethane mixture to fill voids under concrete. With multiple formulas available, Concrete Lift is able to fit the needs of any job, large or small.

Concrete Lift is made up of a two-part urethane that expands into rigid foam that is used to fill voids, stabilize concrete, and lift concrete. The Concrete Lift system has distinct advantages over other concrete remediation methods.

Most polyurethane projects can be completed quickly and economically. There are no added costs for demolition, removal, or landscaping, and most jobs can be completed in just one day. There is minimal disruption to the area, and our courteous crews will make sure your operations can continue while we work.


Advantages of Concrete Lift:

  • Lower Cost: The amount of material and time per project is cut by more than half of traditional solutions.

  • High Capacity: Lifting action is a result of the expansion of the foam, allowing lift on much larger loads than typical mudjacking, which relies on hydraulic pressure being contained under the slab.

  • Light Weight: The polyurethane material weighs only 4 pounds per cubic foot (compared to 120 pounds per cubic foot of typical fill material), so there is almost no additional load added to the soil that is supporting the slab.

  • Accurate Lift: Reaction time of the foam allows for the most accurate lifts possible.

  • Waterproof: Waterproof material will not wash out, and can be used to under-seal the slab or stop other infrastructure leaks.

  • Non-Invasive: Equipment can be used in tight access areas, is less messy than other methods, and can done more quickly.

  • Quick Cure Time: Cure time allows for even heavy traffic just 15 minutes after completion of the injection of the material.

The Polyurethane Concrete Lifting Product

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